Educating Harlem
A Century of Schooling and Resistance in a Black Community

Table of Contents

    Ansley T. Erickson and Ernest Morrell

Part I: Debating What and How Harlem Students Learn in the Renaissance and Beyond

  1. Schooling the New Negro: Progressive Education, Black Modernity, and the Long Harlem Renaissance
        Daniel Perlstein
  2. "A Serious Pedagogical Situation": Diverging School Reform Priorities in Depression Era Harlem
        Thomas Harbison
  3. Wadleigh High School: The Price of Segregation
        Kimberly Johnson

Part II: Organizing, Writing, and Teaching for Reform in the 1930s Through the 1950s

  1. Cinema for Social Change: The Human Relations Film Series of the Harlem Committee of the Teachers Union, 1936–1950
        Lisa Rabin and Craig Kridel
  2. Bringing Harlem to the Schools: Langston Hughes’s The First Book of Negroes and Crafting a Juvenile Readership
        Jonna Perrillo
  3. Harlem Schools and the New York City Teachers Union
        Clarence Taylor

Part III: Divergent Educational Visions in the Activist 1960s and 1970s

  1. HARYOU: An Apprenticeship for Young Leaders
        Ansley T. Erickson
  2. Intermediate School 201: Race, Space, and Modern Architecture in Harlem
        Marta Gutman
  3. Black Power as Educational Renaissance: The Harlem Landscape
        Russell Rickford
  4. "Harlem Sophistication": Community-based Paraprofessional Educators in Central Harlem and East Harlem
        Nick Juravich

Part IV: Post–Civil Rights Setbacks and Structural Alternatives

  1. Harlem Schools in the Fiscal Crisis
        Kim Phillips-Fein and Esther Cyna
  2. Pursuing "Real Power to Parents": Babette Edwards’s Activism from Community Control to Charter Schools
        Brittney Lewer
  3. Teaching Harlem: Black Teachers and the Changing Educational Landscape of Twenty-First Century Central Harlem
        Bethany L. Rogers and Terrenda C. White

    Ernest Morrell and Ansley T. Erickson